Beach Mosaic for the Garden - Small Size

Size 40cm high x 20cm wide

This mosaiced beach landscape is created with stained glass, shell fish shapes, mirror and fused glass. All materials and the backing of the mosaic are weatherproof so the mosaic can brighten up your garden all year round. Hung from hard wearing hemp rope and weighing 1.4 kilograms it a solid, substantial and will last a life time.

The very nature of this mosaic is handmade so please don't expect a perfect factory finish.  Glass and materials can sometimes be very slightly marked or scuffed but this all adds to its organic feel and uniqueness and does not impede its beauty.

Just so you know ;0)

Feel free to message us if you require more photographs or a video of the work.


Ripples in the Sand - Mosaic Art

  • Hi

    Thank you for taking an interest in my mosaic art.  It is made mainly from from stained glass, mirror and fused glass. I cut all my glass by hand in my studio and make the fused glass elements myself also. I love the way the light reflects and creates different colours on the glass as the light changes. The backing is cement based and adhesives and grout are all high quality and used for exterior mosaics. So this really is 100% weatherproof.....even in the UK ;0).

    I particularly like making the garden mosaics, as my mission is to create colour and bring joy into our gardens all year round. It's all about brightening up our spaces and having something cheery to look at even on those dark days. I think the beach idea is very much a love of the sea and I miss watching it and getting lost in my thoughts. I'm sure I am not alone there. 

    Thank you