Mosaic Makes Morning    £55 per person

Heart Mosaic Claire Costello
Fish Mosaic Claire Costello Workshops
Mosaic Sunflower Claire Costello

Duration:     3 hours

Location:      Claire's Home Studio, Hertford, Herts.

Come and relax and enjoy creating a fabulous mosaic with Claire Costello. This mosaic workshop is a great introduction to the art of mosaics and runs for approximately three hours.  You will have a choice of interior base shapes that have been specially selected so your project can be easily finished in the time. You can choose from a simple square base, circle, fish or a good old fashion love heart. Sizes range from 15cm to 20cm and you get to choose one of the following:

Coasters x 2:      10cm x 10cm each           

Fish:                    20cm long

Square:               15cm x 15cm                     

Heart Shape:      15cm

Circle:                 16cm diameter                  

Robin:                 18cm wide


All workshops are for adults with all levels of ability. You will leave with a finished piece and a good understanding of how to create mosaics at home. No previous experience is necessary and a wonderful array of coloured tiles, gems and glass are available for you to create.



You will be advised on layout and design, but ultimately you decide how you want your mosaic to look. Some students find looking on ‘google images’ or ‘pinterest’ a good way to start before the workshop day. Examples and designs are available if you would prefer a more structured layout to copy.


In all of the workshops you will grout your work in your own time at home. This is because the mosaic adhesive needs 24 hours to dry. On the day a demonstration on how to grout your mosaic is given with tips and notes to take away with you, along with your grout pack and everything you need. It is honestly easy and a very useful skill to have :0).


Health and Safety:

We all work from one large table, there is sanitiser and I keep windows open but there is no social distancing, although we are nicely spaced out around the table You don't have to wear a mask, but can if you want and you can ask me to wear one too.  I do offer tea and coffee but if you would prefer to bring your own snacks and refreshments please feel free.  We will need to wear safety glasses in the workshop, which I supply. If you have your own please bring them and also spectacles for close up work. Please wear closed toe footwear.


Claire's garden mosaic workshop is held at her home:

The Wick



SG14 3HP

Contact Me if you have any questions.......07973 121693

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