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about Claire Costello

Claire Costello's mosaic journey began twenty-five years ago at a residential course, where she discovered her unbridled passion for the art form. From that moment, she was captivated, drawn into a world of boundless creativity and expression.


Since then, Claire has been a dynamic force in the mosaic community, specializing in creating stunning pieces for the garden. Her work radiates with the colors and charm of nature, bringing joy and beauty to outdoor spaces.

Alongside her creative endeavors, Claire has also been a dedicated teacher in the area for many years, sharing her passion for mosaics with small groups, schools, and individuals eager to learn. Her workshops are lively and engaging, offering a hands-on experience that sparks creativity and imagination.

Join Claire on her delightful journey, where each mosaic tells a story of nature and natural beauty, and every creation brings a touch of mosaic magic.

Claire Costello Artist UK
Maple Mosaic by Claire Costello

My First Mosaic 


Maple Leaf 2001

"Took me a weekend but I loved

every minute".

Claire Costello

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